Commercial Water Jetting Service

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Water Jetting

High-pressure water jetting is the perfect solution for cleaning drains and sewer pipelines especially for the commercial sector. If you own a commercial building in Chicago, such as a restaurant or a hotel, you have probably been victimized by clogging of drains. A number of problems that follow this clogging include foul smell, water backup, slow water drainage, and strange noises. Water jetting is a technique in which high pressure from the water is exerted on the debris inside your sewer pipes to effectively clean any and all blockages.

Our service for business

The commercial high-pressure water jetting service by CJ Plumbing and Heating provides complete flushing of debris from your sewer pipes, leading to a perfectly working and clean sewer system. The availability of advanced machinery to our experienced and highly skilled plumbers allows them to exceed your expectations and make sure that your commercial building is void of the problems caused by a clogged drain.

Water jetting procedure

The machinery used in applying high pressure for cleaning clogged drains is attached to a vehicle. The water is stored in a tank and is flushed out by using a high-pressure pump. The nozzle at the end of the pump is equipped with holes. These holes are used to give direction to the water and also adds to the speed of the water. This nozzle is directed towards the debris. The water from the nozzle pushes the debris towards a manhole and from there the debris are vacuumed by a hose.

Water jetting support for large companies

For large companies, we send one of our best teams with advanced machinery capable of producing an extreme pressure of 3500-4000 psi which ensures complete cleaning of pipes no matter the volume of debris. Depending on the needs of your company, we provide different types of nozzles such as radical, rotating, and cleaning nozzles. We also have a variety of pumps, hoses, and pipe lengths to provide a comprehensive service to large companies.

Water jetting Process

The certified professional from CJ Plumbing and Heating visits your place with high-pressure water jetting and vacuuming vehicle. The water is drawn from from a water supply. The plumber then selects the appropriate hose, nozzle, and pipe length as per the requirement. He inserts the nozzle from a manhole to apply pressure in the clogged area from the opposite direction of the flow. Any and all debris accumulated in the pipe are pushed by the jets of water towards a target manhole where a vacuum hose is used to collect them. Therefore, the debris is completely removed and the pipe is cleaned perfectly.

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